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【香港赛马会三个半波 www.8temc.cn - 自我介绍】

香港赛马会三个半波 www.8temc.cn   和研究生导师见面自我介绍第一篇

  Good morning! Nice to meet you here, professor. I am happy to be here and take this interview. I am XXX, 31 years old, a local citizen. I graduated from Chongqing Technology and Business University in 2004, majoring in financial investment. Within the period of my campus life, I studied hard and gained rich knowledge about my major. After that, I worked in xxx, a limited liability company, dealing with assets management work. My main job is to participate in the joint ventures and acquisition, establish new branches, and handle the subsidiaries’ assets effectively. From 2004-2008, I joined some large projects about acquisition and establishment of new subsidiaries. After 2008, I was transferred in xxx. But now, I was dispatched, by disciplinary commission, in xxx company, supervising their relocation work From last April, I have been studying in a MBA training institute where I make many friends from all walks of life. And now I am taking this interview for the final result. I hope I can pass the exam smoothly and further my MBA study. Because, for my part, MBA learning will be a part of my academic journey ,and during this colorful journey I will meet different kinds of friends with whom I can enrich my studies and personal lives both. Furthermore, I am sure I can learn a lot from MBA courses, and finish my tasks better. I have so many hobbies, such as playing football, basketball and singing with my friends in KTV. But my

  favorite is to fish. Once I am free, I will go out for fishing in the pool nearby.

  That’s all! Thank you!



  I was born in Shanghai on Feb. *, 19**. So I am a Shanghainese, but I think I am also a person of Harbin, because I spent four years studying in Harbin, is so-called eastern Moscow. Besides, my wife is a downright Harbin person. In 20**, I was admitted by Harbin *** to pursue a bachelor degree in Thermal Energy. My major is involved in power science and engineering. The undergraduate education gave me a wide range of vision and taught me how to cooperate with others by working in the student union. I developed several professional interests in electric and machine. The following seven-year working experience offered me a good chance to give full play to my intelligence and diligence. In 2004, I passed the country examination, then joined civil service, which is ***. I do believe that with my solid educational background and broad working experience, I would be an excellent student of you MPA program.


  After graduating from ***, I have been working in Shanghai *** for 7 years. By studying, concluding, practicing, again and again, I have taken charge of the inspection *** mechanical and electronic products alone. Up to now, I have inspected disqualified products about 200 batches so that the environment and people's safety could be protected. Besides, I act as League Branch secretary of my bureau. Although working very busy, I tried my best to assist Party Branch in daily things of younger, and offered enough platforms for young staff to show their talents. Meantime, my organizing abilities and communication skills were developing at a rapid pace by the league’s work.


  After I have worked in government for seven years, I feel that I need to continue my education by pursuing a Master degree in public administration. I have practiced my professional expertise in inspection, demonstrated my organizing abilities and perfected my communication skills. But I have yet to become a manager or a leader in the bureau. I want to be trained more vigorously in public administration. I strongly think my politics career will benefit from a good public administration education in your university. I am sure that, with my intelligence and diligence, I can be a worthy student of yours. Thank you for your attention.


  各位教授,上午好! 非常荣幸能够参加黑龙江中医药大学组织的这次研究生面试!首先做一下自我介绍,我叫王某某,23周岁,应届毕业生,来自于某某某学校的某某某专业,我报考的是某某某方向李教授的硕士研究生,非常希望能够成为贵校的一名学生!我是一个对理想有执着追求的人,坚信是金子总会发光的。我为人热情,活泼大方,兴趣广泛,适应能力强,脚踏实地,吃苦耐劳,勇于迎接新的挑战;有较强的组织能力,活动策划能力和公关能力。在大学期间曾多次参加组织学校的大型活动,文艺演出,并取得了优异的成绩。



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